About Us

Twelveacres’ Mission Statement “. . . overcoming developmental disabilities through Christian Science” succinctly sums up our work for our residents, adults ages 18 and above. Residents’ progressive achievements and growth are expected and experienced. Our mission is to provide education and training in a community-based home
environment that helps our residents progress toward greater normalcy, including increasing independence, self-sufficiency, self-confidence, and awareness of the world around them and others in it.

Twelveacres is the only community-based care provider of its kind in the world, relying entirely on spiritual healing based on the teachings of Christ Jesus as explained in Christian Science. The unique story being written at Twelveacres is about the residents – their quality of life, their daily progress, and their goals – and about the staff, whose loving commitment is to help each resident achieve his/her fullest potential in a drug-free, non-medical spiritual environment which emphasizes the “whole” person: mental, physical, spiritual, cultural, and creative.