Below are some notes of appreciation received recently by Twelveacres:

  • I very much appreciate the good work you all are doing. — J.G., Kansas
  • With gratitude for your superb Christly work. — A.S., California
  • In sincere appreciation for your blessed work, we thank God for His Love expressed in helping those who are in your care. — Church, Tennessee
  • With love and deep appreciation for all that Twelveacres stands for, and accomplishes. — M.S., California
  • Your work is the work of angels. J.G., Texas
  • We are grateful for the wonderfully fulfilling, healing work you do, and are glad we can contribute in some small way. Church, Florida
  • Greetings to the angels at Twelveacres. The enclosed check is an expression of God’s support for the spiritual, joyous and healing activities at Twelveacres. D.W., Washington
  • Thank you for all the loving work you do to provide a kind and loving, family environment at Twelveacres. We know it continues to bless and heal all those residing there, as well as the supportive staff and Executive Board. Church, California