Home Life

Residents live as families in four households interacting daily with people in their neighborhoods. This gives the residents the opportunity to socialize with neighbors and utilize the resources of their communities, such as libraries, movie theatres, grocery stores, restaurants, parks, shopping malls, and sports venues. Residents attend local Christian Science churches.

In each home — shared responsibilities, shared chores, shared fun — and the recognition and exercise of individual rights of privacy and preference: these are benefits enjoyed by all Twelveacres residents.

Twelveacres residents are learning independent living skills in their homes, including meal preparation, household duties, checkbook management, purchasing discretion, scheduling free time, and using public transportation. Additionally, the residents participate daily in outside programs sponsored by the communities, including vocational training, art classes, swimming and tennis lessons, and, for some, employment by local companies. Furthermore, the residents’ busy lives include social activities and day and weekend trips throughout the bay area and other parts of California.

The AST apartment residents enjoy their full, happy, and fruitful lives. From workdays, to Saturday fun, to Sunday church services, they approach everything with joy and enthusiasm. They’ve won accolades at work for her friendliness, promptness and dedication. With the help of the House Manager, the gentlemen have written a children’s book.

Two residents recently won medals in a regional golf championship sponsored by the Special Olympics.  These delightful people are inspiring examples of the principles of Christian Science at work.

Bucknall is located in San Jose, CA.   Like all Twelveacres’ residents, the residents at Bucknall attend local day programs Monday through Friday.   On the weekends, they particularly enjoy outdoor gardening, theme park outings, barbecuesin regional parks, using their libraries, seeing movies at theaters (or at home) and going for walks in their neighborhood.

Church services are a prized feature of each Sunday’s activities.   The residents also enjoy music, walking in local beautiful malls and shopping for clothing and other essential items during their walks.

Braeburn residents enjoy being out in the community, taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells of a busy city.   They enjoy going to the movies and eating in restaurants. Grocery shopping becomes an outing where they take turns pushing the cart. Clothes shopping at one of the local malls is another treat for them.

Sundays you will find them attending their local Christian Science church.  Our residents also enjoy visiting their lovely neighborhood, where one of their favorite destinations is a beautiful park, located about a mile from their home.

Twelveacres’ non-ambulatory residents live in Lily House in Sunnyvale, CA. Though they require the highest level  of care, these residents participate in community life in big ways. Each resident stretches herself to apply
her abilities, showcasing what is possible when “…
overcoming developmental challenges through Christian Science” becomes a daily practice.

Lily House residents learnindependent living skills appropriate to their abilities, access day programs, community services, attend church on Sundays and other functions and events in and around Sunnyvale. Barrier-free outdoor gardening, farmer’s market and regional park visits are a few activities Lily House residents particularly enjoy.