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We hope you enjoy reading about the progress our residents are making, as well as news about our organization. If you would like to receive paper copies of our newsletters or talks, please register on the CONTACT US page.


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2016 Spring Newsletter

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We are also pleased to share the talks given by guest speakers at our Annual Meetings.

Michael Mooslin – 2016 Annual Meeting Speaker – “The Suspension of Disbelief”

Michael Mooslin has been an active supporter of several Christian Science nursing facilities for many years, serving as a board member and inspirational speaker. Early in his professional career he hired developmentally disabled employees, including spearheading a new training facility to transition them into mainstream jobs. His persistent and compassionate advocacy work led Congress to implement a change in the law, which improved employment opportunities for those with developmental disabilities.  Michael is currently Chief Operating Officer and President of Color Me Mine Enterprises, and was previously president of several restaurant and franchise consulting companies.       

                   2016 “The Suspension of Disbelief” by Michael Mooslin

2015 “Cups of Cold Water (Matt: 10:42) … and Twelveacres” by Christine Irby Williams

2012 “God Is Speaking – Are We Listening?” by Jill Grimes, CS

2011 “In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions” by Susan Breuer, CS

2009 “Give me, O Lord, an Understanding Heart” by Jan Holden, CS