Housing & 24/7 Care

Some highlights include:

  • Home and Daily Living: Overseeing room & board and daily living.
  • Semi-independent living: Reminding individuals of daily schedule and tasks.
  • Life-Skills Assistance: Teaching and encouraging the demonstration of new life-skills.
  • Interests and Activities: Enabling individuals to actively participate in activities based on personal interests and abilities.
  • Personal Care and Mobility Assistance: Providing instruction and assistance when needed.
  • Christian and Moral Character: Mentoring individuals to live by the Golden Rule and high ethical standard.

Apply to live at Twelveacres

Living at Twelveacres

We offer a place to live in an extended Christian Science family home

  • Fosters natural adult progression of living outside their family home
  • Expands their family away with other residents and staff
  • Continues the family’s involvement with life at Twelveacres
  • Fosters learning and sharing Christian Science
  • Builds relationships with local Christian Science churches and individuals
  • Broadens friendships with greater local communities