Family Blessings

“Since joining other residents and dedicated staff at Christian Science-based Twelveacres, my dear friend has come a long way! She delights in learning new things both from home-based Twelveacres’ staff and at her community-based day program. She is able to read, write, manage her money, work with others on projects, move confidently among new people on supervised trips. And she has her own room which she loves and cares for. She helps to prepare and serve meals at home, and treasures the friendships developed with residents and staff. She loves church, studies and practices Christian Science and works diligently with her Christian Science practitioner—and not just when there is a challenge to meet! Their work together is daily and consistent. In earlier years, conversations with her were stilted and difficult. Now she talks freely, asks questions (and follow-up questions), remembers and refers to past conversations and asks me about my life, home and family. She is a successful person in her own right, enjoying life in a real home and community, making progress every day. Thank you, Twelveacres!”

“I am deeply grateful for the dedication and love of the house staff care givers. Some have worked for many years, and i feel they know and love my daughter as extended family. They have chosen this profession and calling as an expression of God’s infinite love for his creation and it shows. I feel confident in their ability and training. The Twelveacres mission to care for individuals in a home setting is a blessing. I am grateful that Twelveacres is committed to Christian Science practice and healing.”

“When first hearing of the need for my brother to forgo his day program temporarily, due to local regulation, i was concerned that he would become frustrated by not being able to interact with his friends, primarily day program staff, and that he would miss the routine. My concern was short lived! He has not once voiced frustration or displeasure with the situation. He knows that the line from the hymn, “no change my heart shall fear” is not about lack of fear when there are changes, but that there is never a change in any thing provided by God. Today is no different than yesterday or tomorrow in regard to the comfort and security we each feel, and that is certainly expressed by the Twelveacres staff and housemates.”

“I am sincerely grateful to all the Christian Science practitioners who devote their prayers for Twelveacres’ residents with the expectation of healing and progress. They are often the “first responders” to unusual needs that house staff call upon. The practitioners’ confidence in the spirituality of each resident is evident in their continued support, love and joy in offering Christian Science treatment.”

“We are only too happy to express our gratitude to Twelveacres, where our son has his home, and Christian Science is practiced every day. He is able to live as independently as possible, with the help of loving caregivers who maintain a familiar routine. Home is where he has all his belongings and he can express himself in what to wear, what he wants to collect and what to display, and how he spends his free time. Psalm 91 is reassuring. He lives in that “secret place of the Most High”, under his feathers, and it is his angels which have charge over him. With confidence we know that our son has all the support of a Christian Science run facility, to overcome any challenges he may face, and to grow in grace.”

“Twelveacres' administrative team and its board of directors are shining stars—each and every one of them! I am continually impressed by the depth of Christian love and sound metaphysical thinking that each of these individuals expresses. Wisdom, collaboration, integrity, ingenuity, fearlessness, joy, and goodness abound, and every one of these Christian Scientists are active witnesses to God’s all-loving presence and undeniable law of good. The measure of this foundation of Twelveacres is priceless.”

“We skype with our daughter every Saturday. Since she has been "house bound" we've noticed she has been very focused and so happy! Her caregivers Josephs & Luke have been so helpful and kind. She always has a smile on her face. She looks directly at us versus her looking away or putting her head down or getting up and start to walk away. Being confined at her home hasn't put a damper on her spirits, telling us she is well taken care of and being kept busy with activities. We are so blessed to have wonderful caregivers who obviously care about her. We are very thankful for Twelveacres and the staff.”

“Twelveacres is unique in regard to dealing with developmental challenges. You’re helping them, encouraging them through challenges. It gave me a new perspective on Christian Science healing itself. I have seen Christian Science in more practical terms here. Within minutes [of praying], everything subsides. I won’t be the same kind of person, especially when approaching those with special needs. I bonded with the residents. It was a tremendous experience.”

“Many of the residents have a lot to say but have difficulty articulating it. Helping them bridge that gap in communication was one of the most rewarding aspects. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about communication, patience, and understanding. My time teaching them how to write and count money also influenced my decision to double major in education. There is a lot of intense material suggestion, but after spending time with them, I discovered that they express the same good qualities of kindness, humor, and compassion as any other child of God does. You can’t let the challenges they face define them as people.”

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