Labor of Love

“There is no limit to learning, no limit to development. I see learning going on every day. Some of the residents are not verbal, but by just looking at their faces you can tell when they are happy... It's really about family and connection with people, and that’s something we have a lot of at Twelveacres.”

“Working with the Twelveacres residents has been such a blessing to me. I am inspired by their commitment to demonstrate Christian Science healing and purpose in their daily activities. Joy is evident as they interact with other residents, staff, and in their local communities. I have learned so much and am privileged to assist these individuals. Twelveacres is much more than a non-profit serving a select number of individuals. It’s an idea from God. An idea that can open hearts and be shared with the world. There is such an opportunity for spiritual growth in this area of Christian Science nursing.”

“I ask myself when I go to work, “God, what do you have for me to learn today?” It is rewarding when I see a smile or hear a new word or a thank you from a resident who seldom expresses these things. Although it is sometimes difficult when I don’t fully understand the challenge a resident is facing, I eventually realize that God has the right answer. That’s the beauty of working here: We are privileged to witness everything unfolding in God’s way and time.”

“Christian Science knows no time, no barriers of any kind. It heals great and small challenges. Our residents show all of us how to ‘walk the walk’ and not just ‘talk the walk.’ It has been a blessing to witness many healings, such as: a resident who never read and now reads; a resident who stopped walking and now walks; another resident who would never tell what he wanted and now does.”

“All of us at Twelveacres are privileged to witness the continual benefits of the activity of divine Love, and we are pleased to share in our newsletter the progress and healing taking place.”

“My work at Twelveacres this summer was one of the most eye-opening and educational experiences I have had. I learned how to use my knowledge and understanding of Christian Science and apply it in my daily life. The experience of working with residents enabled me to give more and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, ‘Giving does not impoverish us in the service of our Maker, neither does withholding enrich us’ (79:31-32). I learned to be selfless, and I practiced this idea of giving by ensuring that the residents I served were cared for and that their needs were met before mine. Furthermore, I learned to be patient with myself and others— both residents and fellow workmates. I made sure that we inspired one another and that everyone was in a safe and happy environment at work. The staff members taught me love and care by expressing these qualities to the residents. What inspired me the most was the undisputed love the staff has for the residents.”

“I found it very unique that Twelveacres is a home atmosphere and not an institution. I was feeling tired one day, but then felt the gentle presence of the residents and their joy while reading the Christian Science periodicals and Science and Health with them. The fatigue just went away. Twelveacres is a joyous adventure. I have enjoyed working with the residents and staff. They have made it a home. Now I feel that I can work in any environment. You learn to pray for yourself and for others, how to be closer to God.”

“Twelveacres is unique in regard to dealing with developmental challenges. You’re helping them, encouraging them through challenges. It gave me a new perspective on Christian Science healing itself. I have seen Christian Science in more practical terms here. Within minutes [of praying], everything subsides. I won’t be the same kind of person, especially when approaching those with special needs. I bonded with the residents. It was a tremendous experience.”

“Many of the residents have a lot to say but have difficulty articulating it. Helping them bridge that gap in communication was one of the most rewarding aspects. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about communication, patience, and understanding. My time teaching them how to write and count money also influenced my decision to double major in education. There is a lot of intense material suggestion, but after spending time with them, I discovered that they express the same good qualities of kindness, humor, and compassion as any other child of God does. You can’t let the challenges they face define them as people.”

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