Our Wishlist

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To help ensure we are providing the most efficient and progressive environment for residents and staff, we are committed to fulfilling the projects below. If you wish to support any of the them, you can donate to the specific item and any amount will help us reach our goals. Thank you for considering our Wish List!


To provide each House Manager current efficient technology to handle daily tasks and operations.

Braeburn House: $1,000

Bucknell House: $1,000

Lily House: $1,000


Replacement and repair to ensure the safest, ADA compliant walkway.

Braeburn House: $5,000

Lily House: $7,500


Full replacement is needed to refresh the main traffic and gathering areas.

Braeburn House: $15,000

Lily House: $12,000


To serve as a backup system so power is reliably sustained in
each home.

Braeburn House: $5,000

Bucknell House: $5,000

Lily House: $5,000


To update and beautify the area for residents to enjoy serene features.

Braeburn House: $10,000

Lily House: $10,000

metal shelves

Install metal shelves in the garage of each home for better organization

Braeburn House: $150

Bucknell House: $150

Lily House: $150

Office Equipment

Replace an outdated commercial copier and update technology for group video meetings.

Administrative Office: $9,500


Provide updated printers and scanners in each home for more efficient operations.

Braeburn House: $275

Bucknell House: $275

Lily House: $275

Washer & Dryer

Replace a well used washer and dryer with new machines better equipped for the large volume of daily items needing cleaning.

Bucknell House: $1,750

The meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves
in the abundance of peace.

Psalms 37:11